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There is nothing like domestic employment numbers to get the Capital Market’s full attention. However, the remainder of this week is laden with other data that is bound to keep investors trigger happy. Any small improvement in the ADP report, coupled with stronger weekly claims, should have little or no affect on the US’s unemployment rate as it edges towards that psychological +10% mark. The ECB meeting on Thursday is likely to signal that policy makers are not in the mood for quantitative easing of their own. Unlike the BOE’s meeting, which is expected to be more of a heated encounter? The BOJ is all on its own, not sure what number QE they are on. Cutting interest rates to zero and introducing more monetary easing is not weakening the yen. The market will takes its cue from this mornings ISM non-manufacturing. Will it raise speculation for more QE in the US even more?

The US$ is weaker in the O/N trading session. Currently it is lower against 14 of the 16 most...

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