OANDA Technical Analysis Chart Pattern Recognition and Automated Alerts Powered by Autochartist
Save time and effort with automated technical analysis:
  • Continuous intraday market scanning helps you to stay on top of market movements
  • Automatic chart pattern recognition and pattern quality indicators help inform your trading decisions
  • Get notified by automated alerts when the chart patterns you specify emerge or complete
  • Price Range Forecast helps you set stop loss or take profit levels based on data from the past six months
  • Market reports allow you to get a quick overview of the markets before starting your analysis for the day
Easy access to Technical Analysis

OANDA Technical Analysis is delivered through a powerful web-based application accessible directly from fxTrade and an MT4 plug-in. Just sign in to your fxTrade or fxTrade Practice account and click on the Technical Analysis icon in the left-hand tool bar.

Analyse and make trades in one window

fxTradeNOW button allows you to execute trades directly inside the Autochartist interface – no need to launch a new browser window or navigate away from the analysis screen.

Free access with your OANDA account

Access to OANDA Technical Analysis is free for all OANDA trading customers.  Please note, access for demo account users is for a limited time only and analysis is delayed.

Try a Demo Account or sign up for a Live Account

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OANDA Technical Analysis, including Autochartist services and content, is provided for informational purposes only, and does not take into account any individual's personal circumstances, investment objectives, or risk tolerance.