fxTrade Forex Trading Account Features

OANDA forex trading

Open, fair, low-cost forex trading

OANDA fxTrade is the result of more than 30 years of currency and CFD market research and expertise. Designed to reduce trading costs and speed up execution, it has the power to execute millions of transactions per day—without missing a beat.

The trading platform appeals to traders who need consistently low spreads, market liquidity, and the comfort of knowing their trades will be executed automatically and settled instantly.

There are no hidden fees. We pursue efficiency and quality execution to lower our costs and pass the savings on to our traders.

Get more than just forex trading

Your OANDA fxTrade account also provides free access to:

  • Up-to-the-minute financial news and market analysis from leading news providers such as Dow Jones International, 4CAST, and UBS Analysis.
  • Multiple sub-accounts so you can transfer funds between different currencies or convert your funds to strategic currencies.

Flexible trading features

Trade any amount anywhere with an OANDA fxTrade account:

  • Trade on multiple platforms using an internet browser interface or mobile device. API trading is also available.
  • Trade more than 60 major and exotic currency pairs, as well as silver and gold crosses. Emerging market alternatives are available, including the Indian rupee (USD/INR) and Chinese yuan (USD/CNH).
  • Trade commodities such as crude oil, wheat, corn; global stock market indices over ASX 200, Dow Jones, S&P 500, FTSE, and German DAX; and bonds such as U.S. Treasury bonds and Euro-Bund futures with CFDs.
  • Trade 24/5. OANDA is open for trading when the global financial markets are open.
  • Share your forex data online to analyze your performance and learn from other traders.

Get quick access to your trading platforms

Sign in to fxTrade and fxTrade Practice with login icons on your desktop, without even opening your web browser.

The OANDA advantage

We're transforming how you trade forex and CFDs. Find out why professional traders choose OANDA.

Forex news

Informed traders make smarter trading decisions. Our currency strategists provide forex news and analysis about the state of the currency market.

Currency sentiment

OANDA provides a 24-hour summary of open orders and positions—a snapshot of our clients' price expectations and exposures.