Trade Forex and CFDs on Your Android Phone

The power of OANDA. Wherever you are.

Get the flexibility and features you need to trade anywhere, any time with fxTrade for Android.

From top to bottom, fxTrade Mobile is designed to help traders of all levels stay on top of fast moving markets with a streamlined, intuitive interface and incredible real-time features:

  • Advanced real-time charting features, including multiple chart types, indicators, overlays, and drawing annotations for enhanced technical analysis
  • Consistent visibility of price action, even while manipulating charts
  • Real-time news feeds while you're trading
  • Market trades and limit orders from any screen
  • Push notifications for limit, stop loss, take profit orders, margin notifications and price alerts
  • Currency trading on all major currency pairs
  • Landscape color charting in multiple timeframes for optimal visualization
  • Account values updated in real time: unrealized/realized P&L; margin used/available; net asset value

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