Competitive Spreads; Superior Execution

A fair platform with a powerful, reliable trading engine

When you trade with OANDA you get the advantage of competitive spreads and exceptional execution quality on our award-winning trading platform, fxTrade.

Transparent spreads

We publish our current and historical spread data to help you understand your trading costs.

Want to find out more? Discover how OANDA derives consistently competitive spreads.

Spread cost comparison

The following table shows rates based on demo accounts data* for EUR/USD trades with a notional amount of $500,000:

Provider Spread Total Cost
FXCM 2.5 $125.00
FXDD 1.9 $95.00 1.7 $85.00
GFT 1.6 $85.00
OANDA 1.2 ✓ $60.00 ✓

*Data source: MT4i - Spread price expressed in pips based on every tick between 24 February 2014 and 28 February 2014. Price represents an average of the minimum and maximum spread recorded for each minute.

Exceptional execution quality

Trade execution is fast and fully automated. There is no dealing desk intervention, asymmetrical quotes, or stop hunting on OANDA’s platform. Only what you need:

  • Constant liquidity
  • No order rejections (during trading hours and with adequate account margin)
  • No price re-quotes
  • No commissions or account maintenance fees

Want to find out more? Read about OANDA's quality execution.

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