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#1 March 6, 2007 09:35:00

Member #11982
From: Montreal
Registered: 2007-03-04
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Hello All, I Am New Here

Originally posted by MindingTheFarm:
I suspect that your enthusiasm has been quinched by my comment that if you don't have a license and you are trading for other people, you are breaking the law. Is that the case, Bruce.

I decided to answer your post to show everyone here your ignorance. In Canada there are no rules, regulations or laws at the present time concerning the FX Spot market.

Man Financial Canada is on of the most credible and respected Currency and Commodity organizations in Canada.

They accept Currency Trading Advisors as long as the CTA only has Limited Power Of Attorney to trade their clients account on the CTA's platform.

You have stated something out of ignorance. You are a ignorant person.

I do not care to have anymore contact with you. I think you and everyone else reading this post will understand why. You add nothing to this thread, this Oanda FX forum or yourself with your useless posts.

These remarks are meant to tell you to grow up if you hope to ever succeed in this FX business.

Reply as I expect you to but this is the last words that I have for you.

Satisfy Your Wallet Not Your Ego


#2 March 6, 2007 10:38:00

Member #11495
From: Halcyon
Registered: 2007-01-10
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Hello All, I Am New Here

Well Bruce (or is it PooPooLove), again you are exposed. You lied about your location being sunny california when you were using NNGU. If you were actually in sunny california conducting the business you claimed you were doing, then you broke US law. If you weren't in sunny california, then you again lied and missled everyone who read your posts. either way you lose, because you are a loser, and a lier.

You can be too healthy


#3 March 6, 2007 20:42:00

Member #3258
From: München
Registered: 2003-12-25
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Hello All, I Am New Here

Some habits are just hard to break, lol.

With the right approach, you will find order and patterns in chaos ...


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