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#1 April 23, 2012 16:24:00

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Different Candles, how to use PA then?


im using oanda fx platform and MT4. That there are differences between the presentation, ok, i can understand cause mt4 is another developer and oanda needs to fit in their software rules. I try to learn Price Action and im really confused with the different candle presentations out there. I study the blog from Nial Fuller and he tell the people that they should use a 5 day broker, not 6 or more for a correct chart presentation.


As example, if you look at EUR/USD at November 2, 2011, oanda at fx trade platform gives us a bearish candle. At the chart from Nial Fuller and a broker in Australia i have at the same D1 candle a bullish one. How should i use Price Action, if the Candles differs so much? It looks like that there are differences from 40-50 pips each day. i tried to setup the fx platform with canceling my weekend, so i only get the 5 day week, but the problem is the same. So is there any solution for that problem or should i switch to stocks to get worldwide the same quotes?

kind regards

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#2 April 29, 2012 08:48:00

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Different Candles, how to use PA then?

Just play it as you see it.


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